About MyPeaceGuide

Welcome to Keystone Elder Law’s Online Directory of Services for South Central PA Senior Adults and Caregivers. As an Elder Law firm, we know that navigating the social and healthcare system can be extremely daunting. When physical and mental health changes are occurring, it is often difficult to figure out where to begin looking for information and what types of services are available.  Our mission with the directory is to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use listing of services available in South Central PA all in one place. Listings include care related services and facilities as well as logistical needs such as transportation, transition or moving assistance, community centers, and support groups. We hope this directory will help you and your family navigate the long-term health care system and locate appropriate, affordable services to meet your needs and keep your peace.

Keystone Elder Law P.C. provides legal, financial, and social services to individuals and families who wish to plan ahead for future health care needs, or who are experiencing a current health care crisis. Our compassionate team of attorneys, benefit specialists, and a care coordinator can help inform you of available options for care, develop a strategy to pay for that care, and provide ongoing advocacy services. We do not litigate against health care providers, but instead work with them as a part of a team dedicated to supporting your needs and goals.